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Welcome to Misis Blog, a mommy blog for first-time parents based in Cebu, Philippines.

Misis Blog aims to help other moms and dads by providing helpful and informative articles about:

working at home
being a one-and-done parent

Misis, in colloquial Filipino language, means missus, referring to a married woman.

To help you get started, here's a quick guide on the categories in this blog.

Misis Blog is chunked into the following categories:

About being a parent to an only child and deciding to be one and done

Mommy Talk
Anything related to motherhood, marriage, and pregnancy

Anything related to baby care, parenting, and breastfeeding

Anything related to working at home, career, and budgeting

The Family Three

Mommy blog - only child family - one and done

I am also the admin behind the Facebook page The Family Three - For Only Child Families.

Previously, The Family Three was a standalone blog, without crediting myself as the author. 

However, I decided to merge my two blogs as a way of coming into terms of our decision to stop at one child—to be one and done.

I realized that instead of keeping my first-time mom and one-and-done parent status behind the guise of The Family Three, I should be open about it through Misis Blog, whose readers are mostly first-time moms and dads like my husband and me.

So if you're a parent to an only child, by choice or by circumstance, or still grappling with the thought of being one, this is a safe place for you! 


I am, in no way, an expert. The things written here are from my own experience and based on what I discovered as I learn the ropes. There is no perfect wife and mother after all :-)

For any questions, inquiries, or content submissions, use our online contact form.


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