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Welcome to Misis Blog, a mommy blog based in Cebu, Philippines.

Misis Blog aims to help other moms and families by providing helpful and informative articles about motherhood, parenting, married life, and being a work-at-home mom. 

Misis, in colloquial Filipino language, means missus, referring to a married woman.

To help you get started, here's a quick guide on the categories in this blog.

Misis Blog is chunked into three categories:

Anything related to motherhood, marriage, and pregnancy

Anything related to baby care, parenting, and breastfeeding

Anything related to working at home, career, and budgeting


I am, in no way, an expert. The things written here are from my own experience and based on what I discovered as I learn the ropes. There is no perfect wife and mother after all :-)


I'm a proud member of the following organizations:

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