Turn Even the Smallest Corner Into a Spacious Home Office

by - October 09, 2019


Thanks to flexible working practices, home offices are becoming increasingly popular.

Many people mistakenly believe that they don’t have the room or budget to create their own home office, but this is not the case.

With a bit of creative thinking and some clever design solutions, you can create a fantastic office in even the smallest of spaces.

Layout Ideas

A well-thought-out layout can make even the smallest space seem like a roomy office.

One way to create the illusion of space is to paint ceilings and walls in light colors, pale pinks, or lilacs, for example.

The right color can also improve your productivity, and research suggests that blue shades can help to make us more productive.

While color is fine if you’re making video calls, a neutral background will look more professional.

Letting in lots of natural light is also a great way of making a room feel “airy” and spacious.

A piece of statement wallpaper, even if it is just a small square behind your desk, can add interest and create the illusion of space without being too distracting.

A plant, even something small like a cactus, can add greenery to the room and gives it a natural feel.

Research also suggests that even a small plant can have a positive impact on our health and well-being.

Alternatively, you can use lighting to create the illusion of natural light and space. A colorful, statement lamp is not only functional but can add interest to an otherwise dull space.

If you’re creating an alcove office, or re-purposing a corner of the hallway, try using paint and flooring changes to zone the space.

Wherever you’re planning on placing your home office, pay attention to outlets. You don’t want to have to climb through a sea of cables to get to your desk.


Work out what you’ll need, such as a desk, computer, and chair. Including only essential items on this list will help to minimalize clutter.

Research conducted by Harvard shows that a minimalist office can help you to focus for longer.

Make the Most of What You’ve Got

Repurposing items that you already own can save you money.

If you need to purchase new items, look for them in-store discounts. Signing up for store newsletters is also a good idea.

Sometimes, they’ll enclose a handy discount voucher code.

Design Solutions Can Save Space

When looking for furniture, consider how much space you actually need.

If you’re only using a laptop, you’ll be fine with a small desk.

Today, home office desks are available in a range of styles. This means you’ll find something that fits perfectly into your home.

Built-in desks and furniture are great, space-saving solutions.

For example, a drop-down or pull-out desk can be concealed within kitchen joinery.

Not only can this be cleared away when it isn’t in use, but you can also use it to supervise the kids as they do their homework.

Of course, you’ll also need an office chair.

While you’ll want something small enough to fit into your office space, it should also be comfortable.

Many home office chairs are now foldable, meaning that you can tidy them away at the end of the day.

Dual function items, such as a printer with a built-in scanner, will take up far less room than having both a printer and a scanner.

Shelving units with built-in organizers can also help you save space, as well as money, in the long run. Shelving is also a great way to make the most of any vertical space.

Tall bookcases and wall mounted storage can also help to keep the floor clutter-free. This helps create an illusion of space.

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