3 Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas for Filipino Families

by - November 14, 2019


Christmas is almost here! And what better way to show your love both to your family and to local businesses than to buy locally made personalized items?

Here are some of my top picks for local personalized Christmas gift ideas that are perfect for Filipino families.

1. Photobook

Photobook, as the business name suggests, is a platform tailored specifically to creating personalized photograph-based gift items. 

This includes photobooks (a modern printed photo album), calendars, wall prints, mugs, and many more! They serve worldwide but have a headquarter based in Manila.

Personally, I have tried ordering photobooks both from their website and their mobile app

If you create your project on their app, your item will be shipped from Manila through Ninja Van at a standard shipping price of PHP 150.

Creating and ordering from their app is so simple and straightforward. You also get to have app-exclusive discounts!

If you create your project on their website (and thus order your project from there as well), your item will be shipped from Indonesia and will be delivered to your doorstep through DHL.

What I like about it is that it's the same standard shipping price as that when you order from the Philippines (PHP 150) but it arrives a lot faster!

For more information, visit https://www.photobookphilippines.com/

2. Customized keepsake jewelry

Keepsake jewelry is a treasure to behold. You can keep photos of your loved ones close to your heart and wear them anywhere with you.

In the Philippines, I have discovered two quality customized keepsake jewellers, and what's best is that their products are quite affordable! 

Please note, however, that their jewelry is not real gold or silver. They use non-tarnish stainless steel material, which may not be as good but still quite durable.

Here are my picks:

They sell handmade photo bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.

What I like about them is that they accept payments through PayPal and a variety of other payment methods such as BDO, Cash on Delivery, PayMaya, and Smart Padala—really convenient when ordering online!

Aside from custom keepsake necklaces and bracelets, what caught my eye is that Istorya creates handcrafted keychains with text using your own handwriting!

They also offer custom luggage tags, bookmarks, vow cards, and many more.

3. Customized passport holders

Nothing beats memories created when travelling with family.

And with all the piso fare airplane ticket promos, it's not a distant dream to travel abroad and use your passport.

Luckily, there are customized passport holders that can further sweeten the travel experience—complete with your name and your choice of color and charms!

Here are my picks:

I have personally ordered a customized passport holder from them through Shopee, and the transaction was quite smooth and fast!

What's more is that their prices are really affordable: passport holders without a lock starts at PHP 140 and passport holders with a lock starts at PHP 160.

They also offer a variety of other personalized items such as card holders, wallets, purses, and key holders.

Alon Arts also offer personalized passport holders with an added deal—their passport holders come with a really nice (and environment-friendly!) gift box.

Their prices are a lot more expensive, though: passport holders without a lock starts at PHP 359 and passport holders with a lock starts at PHP 389.

They also offer personalized wallets, necklaces, badge holders, keychains, and bangles.

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