Parenting Book Review: Buddhism for Mothers

by - February 04, 2020



Authors: Sarah Napthali
Personal Rating: 5/5 

Sarah Napthali provides great insights and tips on how the principles of Buddhism can be integrated into the daily lives of mothers (or rather, any parent of a child). The book touches on ways to practice mindful and calm parenting despite the chaos and frustrations of parenthood.


A Book for Mothers/Parents, Not a Usual Parenting Book

The author was quite transparent at the very start of the book: Buddhism for Mothers isn't your usual parenting book.

It is a book specifically written for mothers to help us deal with the struggles we usually face as parents.

While it doesn't provide specific tips on how to handle challenging child behaviors, as most parenting books do, the book details ways on how to practice a calmer approach to parenting.

This, I believe, is very beneficial, because it strengthens the idea that to have a happy child, you first need to focus on being a happy parent.

An Easy-to-Digest Introduction to Buddhism and Mindful Parenting

The author succinctly and accurately connected the Buddhist way of life with parenting, in a way that's easy to digest even when you are not a practicing Buddhist.

This was my introduction to basic Buddhism principles, all of which contribute to helping me as a mother to be more mindful and calm: loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity.

I also like how the author outlines her topics in a way that systematic and organized, without overwhelming you with too much information.

I especially like how she provides tips on how to start meditation amidst the busy and chaotic life of a parent.

Applicable Even to Non-Buddhist Practitioners

I have always been a devout Roman Catholic, and although I read Buddhism for Mothers by heart, it didn't feel like it was exclusively meant for mothers who are Buddhist practitioners.

In fact, one of the many appeals of Buddhism is that it doesn't strictly bind you to its practice and allows much flexibility in terms of "membership"—that it is not a religion, per se, but a way of life and the changing of the mind.

All of the teachings in the book are applicable to anyone, not only to parents who are actively practicing Buddhism.

Reading the book and slowly applying it into real life, I found that it has definitely helped me transform my way of parenting and in the way I deal with difficult thoughts, emotions, and situations that come with motherhood.

The Verdict

Buddhism for Mothers is definitely something that I would recommend to all my mom friends, and even to dads as well. 

It's a beautiful book that's easy and quick to read, a good breather to help you realign your thoughts and be calmer and more gentle. 

It's one of the books that has helped me greatly in dealing with my anxiety and anger, and I hope that other parents can find this book helpful too.

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