Best Facebook and Reddit Groups for Only Child Parents

by - July 14, 2020


As a parent of an only child, finding support is few and far between. It seems everyone around you is a parent of two or more children.

And while there might be some who are supportive of your decision (or if the decision was made for you), there's nothing like connecting with other only child parents—those who totally get you.

Luckily, there are several support groups you can find online, particularly on Facebook and Reddit.

Here are some of the best Facebook Groups and subreddits where parents of an only child can get support.


One and Done: Parents of an Only Child by Choice

This is my go-to support group for parents (and parents-to-be) who are one and done by choice, and are nearly 100% in their decision.

What I love about this group is that it's well-maintained by the admins, and most of the members there are really quite lovely!

Group description: This group is for parents of ONLY children by CHOICE. A safe place to share in our journeys as parents of only children: the positive and negative aspects.
Location: Worldwide
Number of members as of July 2020: 5,900++

Parents of Only Children by Choice

This is another support group for one and done parents by choice and are quite sure of their decision.

Group description: This group is for parents of only children by choice! Feel free to share the joys or hardships of having an only.
Location: Worldwide
Number of members as of July 2020: 4,900++

One and Done on the Fence

This is the first group I joined prior to joining the first group I mentioned. It's for parents of an only child (or parents-to-be as well) who are still grappling with the decision of keeping their family size small. 

The group has also evolved to keeping members who have gone to the other side of the fence and had their second children. It's not my cup of tea, but their input definitely gives you a good perspective. 

Group description: This is a group for parents deciding whether or not to have more than one child. Feel free to share, ask for advice and support. 
Location: Worldwide
Number of members as of July 2020: 6,700++

One and Done Not By Choice - Embracing It

I am honestly not a member of this group, but this has been recommended by many of the members from the On the Fence group. 

As the group name suggests, it's for parents who are struggling with infertility and other circumstances where the decision to be one and done are made for them.

Group description: This group is especially for being one and done not by choice and you have come to terms with it after the rollercoaster of emotions.
Location: Worldwide
Number of members as of July 2020: 665++

Parents of Only Children

This is a more generic group for only child parents. It's quite a nice group with equally nice and decent members who are supportive, whether you're OAD by choice or by circumstance.

Group description: Do you have a One-derful only child, either by choice or circumstance? Are you comfortable knowing that having an only child is awesome, ignoring all of the ridiculous and false stereotypes that society often places on onlies?
Location: Worldwide
Number of members as of July 2020: 8,600++

One and Done - Single Child Families

This is another generic group for single child parents, welcoming those who decided by choice and those struggling with infertility. 

The group is also for adult onlies who are not parents yet but are deciding whether being one and done is right for them.

Group description: This group was originally started for people who choose to have only one child and were tired of people questioning their decision. As the group has grown, we have added a lot of people with fertility issues. We also have some members who aren’t one and done themselves but are only children and others who are trying to decide if OAD is for them.
Location: Worldwide
Number of members as of July 2020: 4,800++

Moms of Only Children

This is a group specifically for mothers of single children, by choice or not. It's one of my favorites as well because many of the members are really nice and friendly!

Group description: This is a group where Moms with only one child can share in the unique joys, struggles and wonders of having a single child. This group is here to enable moms who (either by choice or by God's will) only have one child and want a safe place to discuss the problems, stigma, JOY and exclusive issues facing a mommy raising an only child.
Location: Worldwide
Number of members as of July 2020: 4,900++

Parents of Only Children Travel Group

This is a more niche group for only child families who love to travel. It's a great place to exchange travel advice and generally to discuss all things travel-related.

Group description: This is a group for parents with one child that loves to travel, meet new friends, and discover new places.
Location: Worldwide
Number of members as of July 2020: 990++

Homeschooling an Only Child with Love

This another niche group that's quite relevant today as we embrace the new normal. It's a group for parents who are homeschooling their only child.

Group description: This homeschool group is to encourage, support, and inspire homeschoolers of only children. It is a place to share ideas, ask questions, and facilitate making learning fun and engaging for our children.
Location: Worldwide
Number of members as of July 2020: 660++

Moms of an “Only Child” Away At College

This is a great group for mothers of singletons who are now in college, and are seeking support and encouragement from other "empty nesters."

Group description: This is a group for moms with only one child and that child is away at college. We seem to get each other because we all have those two things in common. We welcome you to say or ask anything you’d like. We are here to support each other.
Location: Worldwide
Number of members as of July 2020: 1,500++




This is a great subreddit for only child parents, both by choice and by circumstance. It's best for those who have already embraced the one and done status nearly 100%.


This subreddit is best suited for parents who are still on the fence about being one and done. It also welcomes other parents who have more than two children and are deciding whether to add another child in their family.


These and more will be added if I get to find other great support groups for parents like us.

How about you, do you have other online support groups you can suggest? Leave it in the comments!

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