How to Encourage Your Kids to Pick Up an Educational Hobby

by - August 06, 2018


Kids seem to engage in a wide variety of activities as part of their regular play. However, did you know that hobbies can help kids improve their fine motor skills and cognitive abilities?

Not only that, but hobbies are great for developing creativity and socialization skills.

There are endless hobbies your child can discover, so you’re bound to find one that they can be passionate about. 

Get Them Excited About Music 

Learning music can actually help your child perform better in school.

By exercising their ability to recognize sounds, music increases children's language development skills. Music also helps with pattern recognition which can be beneficial in mathematics.

Plus, the challenges involved in learning an instrument are a wonderful way to teach patience and self-discipline to any kid.

Help your kid get started by bringing them to a music store and letting them try out different instruments.

If your school has an extracurricular band program or after-school music lessons, make sure you take advantage of these. 

Ask for Help in the Kitchen 

Many people grow up without learning how to cook. Don't let your child be one of them!

Getting kids involved in the kitchen is one of the best ways to teach them about nutrition and give them a deeper appreciation for the food they eat.

Plus, following recipes can help boost their math skills as they connect concepts learned in school to practical applications.

Encourage your children to help you with dinner prep, or get them involved in shopping. Perhaps they’ll even end up making meals for you one day! 

Encourage Their Desire for Collecting 

Kids love to collect things such as coins, rocks, buttons, and stamps.

Although these collections may seem a bit silly, they can actually help your child learn about the world around them.

For example, finding unique rocks while camping or hiking can teach kids about the various types of minerals and natural formations.

If your child is interested, purchase a mineral book and a magnifying glass so they can examine their specimens closely.

Help them label their rocks and store them neatly so they remember where they picked them up. 

Have Fun Gazing at the Stars 

Backyard astronomy is a great way to get your kids outdoors and thinking about their place in the world.

While examining the stars, kids like to contemplate the nature of the universe, how the world started, and what possibilities exist in space.

These questions can get them excited about a career in science!

Backyard astronomy is also a great way to spend time with your child while you learn something for yourself. 

Sky and Telescope recommends starting out with a simple pair of binoculars before buying a more expensive and sophisticated telescope for your child.

Then, grab some astronomy books from your library or print out maps of your local sky from the internet so you can identify star clusters and constellations. 

Become Experimental Scientists Together 

Setting up little science experiments is tons of fun for children and parents alike. You'd be surprised by the number of fun experiments you can conduct in your own home with household materials.

For example, this rainbow magic milk experiment is a simple way to help kids learn about the interaction between soap and fat molecules.

Before you conduct an experiment, let your child consider what might happen based on their knowledge of how various substances react.

These fun activities can spark a long-lasting interest in chemistry, biology, and physics. 


Importantly, make sure you create an environment for your kids that allows them to pursue their interests. 

Remember that they may require lessons, certain supplies, or educational materials to get started. 

You can even set up a special hobby area where your kid can paint, read, write, or practice music without distraction. 

Finally, take the time to participate in their hobby, whether that means helping them out or encouraging them to stick with it.

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