How to Start Working from Home as an Online Worker

by - August 18, 2020


I previously posted this one on my private network on Facebook, but I decided to share it on my blog as well to help others.

How do you start working from home as an online worker in the Philippines?

Here are 5 basic steps to get started:

  1. Know your skills
  2. Have a decent computer and wired internet connection
  3. Set up your payment method
  4. Sign up for an account on freelancer websites
  5. Take initiative!

1. Know your skills

  • Assess your strengths. What skills do you have? What is your job experience?
  • Some in-demand skills in the freelancing world are writing/editing, graphic design, web development, web design, accounting, marketing, translation, data entry, English teaching, and many more.
  • To give you an idea, check out the categories available on OnlineJobsPH

2. Have a decent computer and wired internet connection

  • I assure you, while you can get started working online with a cellphone, you can only do so much. Invest in a laptop or desktop—it's the best investment you can do for yourself as an online worker. As for the specs, it depends on what type of job you do.
  • Have a wired internet connection, not a pocket WiFi. Use a pocket WiFi as backup, but not as your primary internet source.

3. Set up your payment method

  • Very important so that you can get paid.
  • Your popular options are PayPalTransferwise, or Payoneer (the links for Transferwise and Payoneer have referral links on them; you have the option not to use the referral links)
  • Do a simple Google search to figure out how to set up an account for each.
  • Important tip: Your registered name on all three payment platforms above should be the same as the name you use on your linked bank account. 

4. Sign up for an account on freelancer websites

5. Very important: Take initiative!

  • It's not as easy as asking your freelancer friends for a job. If we do know that there are job openings in our network, we'd gladly help you, but don't be too reliant on referrals.
  • It's the same as applying for jobs in the real world: You browse through available jobs on freelancer sites, you apply to them, you get hired—you know how it works.
  • Learn how to search on Google! Many of the questions you may have are already there.
  • If you're not confident, invest in trainings like VABootcamp or join Facebook Groups like FreeLancers In the Philippines (FLIP) - by Jason Dulay
  • And as much as we can help you, the best you can do is help yourself. That's the key to freelancing: You need to learn to be INDEPENDENT and RESOURCEFUL 


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